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From the impacts of climate change to the opportunities of sustainable development, a unique journey of discovery awaits every forward-thinking company, financial institution, government, and policy maker. Complete the form so we can connect you to the right specialist to support your distinct needs.

Sustainability data, reporting and workflow

Measure and benchmark sustainability performance, assess risk scenarios, identify value creation opportunities, and achieve best practice reporting standards with S&P Global Market Intelligence.

Energy transition

Access extensive energy sector data to guide your net zero journey and track emissions intensity across portfolios with S&P Global Commodity Insights.

Sustainability indices

Track market performance, evaluate portfolios, and develop investment strategies with state-of-the-art indices from S&P Dow Jones Indices.

Second Party Opinions

Explore how we can help you navigate access to the public and private sustainable debt markets with solutions that deliver the rigor and transparency investors and lenders demand, with an SPO by S&P Global Ratings, featuring the Shades of Green scale.

Sustainable transportation

Discover a new lens on the transition to sustainable transportation with S&P Global Mobility.

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S&P Global Sustainable1 is here to support your unique sustainability journey, curating sustainability data, analytics, and opinions from across S&P Global's business divisions to support your distinct needs.

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Tools to help you understand the impacts to your business amid global uncertainty.

S& Capital IQ Pro

Access timely banking industry news, relevant insights and in-depth financial information

The S& Capital IQ Pro provides comprehensive and deep coverage of financial institutions and their markets across the U.S., providing timely and accurate data to keep you more informed. Our flexible and intuitive reporting tools give you the data you need via web platform, Office tools, mobile, and data feed/API delivery.

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Credit Risk Solutions

Identify credit risk exposure in the market and of your customers

Stay on-top of COVID-19 impacts with RatingsDirect®, the official source for S& Global Ratings’ credit ratings and research. Chart and analyze the implications of the current unprecedented circumstances on economic and credit markets across industry, company, and issuer levels.

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Data Management Solutions

Data is in our DNA. From the evolution of the punch card, to the invention of the mainframe and magnetic tape storage, to the creation of the data center and today's big data revolution, we’ve been here through it all. We've built our legacy on differentiated data with seamless delivery.

We’ve invested the last 60 years perfecting the art of data. And we’re not stopping anytime soon.

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ESG Solutions

Resource scarcity, climate change and population dynamics continuously shape an institution’s competitive environment.

Get the ESG analysis you need to assess these challenges and build strategies to succeed in the transition to a sustainable future. Regulators, investors, and customers expect companies to understand and manage these risks - and also capture new business opportunities created by the transition to a lower carbon, more sustainable economy.

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Aftermarket Research

Insightful research matters. More reason to rely on ours.

Insightful investment research matters – whether for idea generation, financial analysis, valuation modeling, or conducting risk assessments on companies and sectors globally. Save time and simplify your workflow.

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The leaders in supply chain intelligence.

The world’s supply chain at your fingertips. Data driven insights with profiles on more than 9 million companies and over 1 billion shipment records, comprehensive view of global trade with macro data (95% global trade flows) and transaction data (35% global trade flows).

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